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"Tear away the mask from Freemasonry, Pope Leo XIII





Professor of Philosophy and Church History,

Senior Scholasticate,

Blackrock College, Dublin

The   Britons   Publishing   Company   is  to  be
congratulated  on  reprinting  this  lecture   on
Freemasonry  by  Right  Rev.  Mgr. George Dillon,
D.D. The lecture was delivered  at  Edinburgh  in
October,  1884,  that  is, about six months after
the  appearance  of  Pope   Leo   XIII’s   famous
Encyclical Letter, Humanum Genus, on Freemasonry.
At the request of many who had heard the  lecture
and  of  others  who  had  read  the reports that
appeared in the papers, Mgr.  Dillon  decided  to
publish  it, along with another lecture delivered
to the same audience on  the  Spoliation  of  the
Congregation  of Propaganda. The book was brought
out by the excellent firm of M. H. Gill and  Son,
Ltd.,  O’Connell  Street, Dublin, in 1885, but it
has been long  out  of  print.  In  the  original
preface,  the author pointed out that the lecture
had  not  been  intended  to  be  a  formal   and
exhaustive  treatment of the subject, and that he
had embodied in the book several documents  which
were only briefly referred to or partially quoted
in the lecture.1 His object was to give  a  clear
outline   of   the  “whole  question  of  secret,
atheistic organisation, its origin,  its  nature,
its  history in the last century and in this, and
its unity  of  Satanic  purpose  in  a  wonderful
diversity   of  forms.”  He  found  that  it  was
necessary to do this because “very few,  if  any,
attempts  have been made in our language to treat
the subject as a whole. Several writers appear to
assume  as known that which was really unknown to
very many: and few touched at all upon  the  fact
of   the   supreme   direction   given   to   the
universality of secret societies from a  guiding,
governing  and – even to the rank and file of the
members of  the  secret  societies  themselves  –
unknown and invisible junta.”

Mgr.  Dillon does not speak explicitly of the two
currents of thought and  action  proceeding  from
the   Masonic   French  Revolution,  namely,  the
current of Rousseauist-Lockian-Masonic Liberalism
and  the  current  of  Socialism  and Communism.1
Implicitly, however, he does so when, on the  one
hand,  he foreshadows the United States of Europe
and World Federalism and, on  the  other,  quotes
the  infamous Declaration of the International in
1868.  This  Declaration,   formulated   at   the
International Congress held at Geneva in 1868 and
quoted by Mgr. Dillon in  his  preface,  is  well
worth  reproducing,  at least in part. It runs as
follows:  “The  object   of   the   International
Association   of   Workmen,  as  of  every  other
Socialist Association, is to  do  away  with  the
parasite and the pariah. Now what parasite can be
compared to the priest...?

“God and Christ, these citizen-Providences,  have
been  at  all times the armour of Capital and the
most sanguinary enemies of the  working  classes.
It  is  owing to God and to Christ that we remain
to this day in slavery. It is by deluding us with
lying  hopes  that  the priests have caused us to
accept all the sufferings of this  earth.  It  is
only  after sweeping away all religion, and after
tearing up even to the last roots every religious
idea  that  we  can  arrive  at our political and
social ideal… “Down,  then,  with  God  and  with
Christ!  Down  with  the  despots  of  heaven and
earth! Death to the priests! Such is the motto of
our grand crusade.”

In  a  note  on  page 20 of the original edition,
Mgr. Dillon  returned  to  the  question  of  the
direction  of Freemasonry, which he had mentioned
in  his  preface.  He  there  says:  “The  Jewish
connection   with   modern   Freemasonry   is  an
established fact  everywhere  manifested  in  its
history.   The   Jewish   formulas   employed  by
Freemasonry,  the  Jewish  traditions  which  run
through its ceremonial, point to a Jewish origin,
or to the work of Jewish contrivers... Who  knows
but  behind  the Atheism and desire of gain which
impels them to urge on  Christians  to  persecute
the  Church  and  destroy it, there lies a hidden
hope to reconstruct  their  Temple,  and  in  the
darkest  depths  of secret society plotting there
lurks a deeper society still  which  looks  to  a
return to the land of Judah and to the rebuilding
of the Temple of Jerusalem?”  These  remarks  can
furnish   the   starting   point   for  a  deeper
examination  of  the  whole  question  of  secret
societies  and their action, studied in the light
of the Encyclicals of the Sovereign Pontiffs, and
of history.

The  rejection  of  order  by Satan and the other
fallen  angels  was   irrevocable.   It   was   a
declaration,  by the whole body of them together,
of perpetual war on and implacable hatred towards
the  Blessed Trinity and the Supernatural Life of
Grace. The  fall  of  the  human  race  could  be
undone,  because  human  beings  can change their
minds and the human  race  comes  into  existence
successively  by propagation from the first Adam.
In  the  undoing  of  the  Fall,   however,   God
permitted  a  second rejection of order. In spite
of the fact that they had been repeatedly warned,
in types and figures, and orally by the prophets,
about the way they would treat the  true  Messiah
when He came, the Jews turned against Him and the
whole Divine Plan He proposed. When they  refused
to  enter  into  His  designs,  God permitted the
crime of Deicide,  and  by  the  supreme  act  of
humble  submission  on  Calvary, the Supernatural
Life  of  Grace  was  restored  to   the   world.
Fulfilling the prophecies to the letter, Our Lord
allowed Himself to be put to death, but  He  died
proclaiming the Divine Plan for order.

God  wished  the  Jews  as a people to accept His
Only-Begotten Son and to be the  Heralds  of  the
Supernatural, super-national Life of His Mystical
Body.  They  were  thus  offered   the   glorious
privilege of proclaiming and working for the only
mode of realising the union  and  brotherhood  of
nations  which  is  possible  since  the Fall. On
account of their racial  pride  they  refused  to
accept  that  there could be any higher life than
their national life and they would  not  hear  of
the  non-Jewish nations entering into the Kingdom
of  the  Mystical  Body  on  the  same  level  as
themselves.   The  Crucifixion  of  Our  Lord  on
Calvary  was,  however,  not  only   the   public
rejection  by  the  Jewish  nation  of the Divine
Programme for order in the world, but was at  the
same  time the proclamation by that nation of its
determination to work against God for the triumph
of  another Messiah. Since Our Lord Jesus Christ,
the  True  Messiah,  is   the   Source   of   the
Supernatural   Life  through  membership  of  His
Mystical  Body,  the  future  Messiah   must   be
anti-supernatural or naturalistic, and membership
of  Christ  will  have  to   be   eliminated   in
preparation  for him. Since the True Supernatural
Messiah came to found the  supranational  kingdom
of  His  Mystical  Body  into  which he asked the
Jewish nation to lead  all  nations,  the  future
Messiah  must be a purely Jewish National Messiah
and his mission can have no other object than  to
impose the rule of the Jewish nation on the other
nations.  The  choice  presented  to  the  Jewish
nation by the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ may
be represented diagrammatically as follows:–

+ Supernatural and supranational Kingdom  of  the
Mystical   Body  of  Christ.  The  Jewish  nation
instructed by the prophets.
¦ ¦ ¦
+ Naturalistic ambition to impose Rule  of  their

The  Jewish nation instructed by the Prophets and
Figures of the Old Testament, and, lastly, by St.
John  the  Baptist, was meant to turn upwards, at
the bidding of God become Man, and to put all its
splendid  natural qualities at the service of the
True Supernatural order of the world. Instead  of
doing so, it turned downwards to the slavery of a
self-centred ambition dictated by national pride.
The  attitude  of Saul prior to his conversion on
the road to Damascus is typical  of  the  corrupt
ideas concerning the mission of the Messiah which
had taken hold of Jewish minds and had  led  them
to reject Our Lord Jesus Christ. St. Paul saw the
truth about the Mystical Body of Christ after his
conversion and tried to get his fellow-countrymen
to recognise their error, but the nation as  such
refused  to  listen. In his Christmas Allocution,
1948, Pope Pius  XII  brought  out  the  contrast
between  the  alternatives  that faced the Jewish
nation at the coming  of  Our  Lord  as  follows:
“Hear,  resounding in the night like the bells of
Christmas, the admirable words of the Apostle  to
the Gentiles, who had been himself a slave to the
mean, narrow prejudices of nationalist and racial
pride,  stricken  down along with him on the road
to Damascus: ‘He (Christ Jesus) is our peace  who
hath  made  both  (peoples)  one...  killing  the
enmities in Himself. And coming He preached peace
to you that were afar off, and peace to them that
were nigh.’ (Ephesians II,  14,  15,  16,  17.)”2
With  that  narrow,  national outlook dictated by
racial  pride,  which  Pope  Pius  XII  said  was
stricken  down  with  St.  Paul  on  the  road to
Damascus, the Jewish nation has continued on down
the  centuries. That outlook has, in fact, become
more accentuated with time. Accordingly, over and
above  the  fundamental disorder of original sin,
there is in our  fallen  and  redeemed  world  an
additional  source  of disorder in the determined
opposition of His own  nation  according  to  the
flesh of the Redeemer and source of order.

Over   and   above   the   struggle  against  the
self-centred tendencies of individual souls,  the
Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, has
to face the persistent opposition of  the  Jewish
nation.  According  to  the leaders of the Jewish
nation, now as 1,900 years ago, the union of  the
nations is not meant by God to take place through
entrance into and acceptance of the supranational
Kingdom  of  Our Lord’s Mystical Body but through
acceptance of and submission to the  Naturalistic
Messianism  of  the  Jewish  nation. This is made
very clear in the letter from the Chief Rabbi  of
Palestine,    which   appeared   in   The   Irish
Independent  (Dublin)   of   January   6,   1948.
Referring  to  the establishment of the new State
of Israel, Rabbi  Hertzog  said:  “Eventually  it
will  lead  to the inauguration of the true union
of the nations through which  will  be  fulfilled
the  eternal  message  to mankind of our immortal

Jewish Naturalism or Anti-Supernaturalism, by its
striving  for  a  new  Messianic  age, contains a
twofold source of corruption and decay for  other
nations.  On  the  one hand, by its opposition to
the Supernatural Life coming from  Our  Lord,  it
strives  directly  against the Light and Strength
by  which  alone  human  life,   individual   and
national,  can  be  lived  in order. On the other
hand, whether the naturalistic Messiah to come be
an  individual  Jew  or the Jewish Race, it means
that the Jews, as a nation, are seeking to impose
their  particular national form on other nations.
The imposition by any nation of its national form
on another nation attacks directly the natural or
normal line of development  of  that  nation  and
undermines  its  natural  virtues,  which are the
foundation and the bulwark  of  the  Supernatural
virtues.  Thus in two ways the Jews, as a nation,
are  objectively  aiming  at  giving  society   a
direction  which is in complete opposition to the
order proclaimed by God become Man. In  spite  of
the  unwavering  naturalistic  opposition  of the
Jewish nation and notwithstanding the weakness of
fallen  human  nature, Western Europe in the 13th
century, had accepted the Programme of Christ the
King   and   had   organised   society   on  that
foundation. The organisation was imperfect as all
the  social  structures  of  fallen  and redeemed
humanity will inevitably  be,  but  it  was  some
response  to  God’s  loving  condescension. Since
then, there has been steady decay.

The uprise of Protestantism in the  16th  century
rent  the  unity  of the Mystical Body of Christ.
Chapter XVI of William  Thomas  Walsh’s  splendid
work,  Philip  II, is entitled Freemasonry in the
16th Century and shows that there was already  at
that   time  some  sort  of  secret  organisation
engaged in working for naturalism against ordered
submission  to  Christ the King. He adds that “it
is no longer debatable that, if the false leaders
of   the   Jews  did  not  originate  the  secret
societies  to  cover  their  own   anti-Christian
activities  and to influence credulous members of
the Christian communities, they had a great  deal
to  do  with the business. The degrees and ritual
of  Freemasonry  are  shot  through  with  Jewish
symbolism:  the  candidate  is going to the East,
towards Jerusalem, he is  going  to  rebuild  the
Temple  (destroyed  in fulfilment of the prophecy
of Christ),... The Grand Orient and Scottish Rite
lodges,  sources  of  so many modern revolutions,
are more militant, more open and apparently  more
virulent  than  some  of the others whom they are
leading  into  a  single  world-organisation   by
gradual  steps.”4  From what we know today we can
conclude that “something very  much  like  modern
Freemasonry,  surely  in spirit and probably to a
great extent in form... existed in  the  lifetime
of Philip II (1527-1598).”5 What we see, then, in
the years following 1717 is rather the  emergence
into  fuller  light  of  a secret organised Force
aiming at enrolling and forming groups of  adepts
to  work  for Naturalism, that is, for the denial
of the Supernatural Life and the  elimination  of
membership  of  Christ  from  society. The Jewish
nation is  a  non-secret  organised  naturalistic
Force, that is to say its naturalistic opposition
to  the  Mystical  Body  of  Christ   is   openly
proclaimed.     Freemasonry,     the    organised
naturalistic Force acting in subordination to and
in conjunction with the Jewish nation is a secret
society or group of societies, for its naturalism
or     anti-Supernaturalism    is    secret    or
camouflaged.6 Relatively few of its  members  are
fully  aware  of  the  naturalism of its end, its
ritual and its symbolism. According to Anderson’s
Constitution   of  the  Freemasons,  the  masonic
society obliges its members to be  good  men  and
true,  but  insists  that  in order to be morally
good men, it is a matter of indifference  whether
God’s   Plan   for   the   restoration   of   our
Supernatural Life through Our Lord  Jesus  Christ
is accepted or not. Now, by original sin, we lost
the Supernatural Life of Grace, and we need  that
Life  of  Grace that we may live an ordered life.
Yet this society proclaims that a man can be good
and  true,  that  is,  morally  in  order,  while
remaining  utterly  indifferent  to  the   unique
Source  of  Grace,  Our Lord Jesus Christ and His
Divinity. That is equivalent to a denial  of  the
Fall and is pure Naturalism.

In his great Encyclical Letter, Humanum Genus, on
Freemasonry,  issued  in  1884,  Pope  Leo   XIII
insists  that “the naturalist and the Masons, not
accepting by faith those truths  that  have  been
made  known  to us by God’s revelation, deny that
the first Adam fell.” Thus we see the fundamental
error  of  Masonry, namely, its Naturalism. Again
the great Pontiff points out that  “the  ultimate
aim  of  Freemasonry  is to uproot completely the
whole religious and political order of the  world
which   has   been   brought  into  existence  by
Christianity and to  replace  it  by  another  in
harmony  with  their  way  of thinking. This will
mean that the foundation  and  laws  of  the  new
structure  of  society  will  be  drawn from pure
Naturalism.”7 That involves the elimination  from
society    of   every   acknowledgment   of   the
Supernatural Life of members of  Christ.  In  the
Encyclical  Letter, moreover, Pope Leo XIII shows
the opposition of Freemasonry to five out of  the
six principal points of the Programme for Society
of Christ the  King.8  In  regard  to  the  fifth
point,  namely,  the  diffusion of ownership, the
Pope insists upon the fact that  “Freemasonry  is
not  only  not opposed to the plans of Socialists
and Communists, but  looks  upon  them  with  the
greatest  favour,  as  its leading principles are
identical with theirs.” That the preparation  and
the  triumph  of  the  French Revolution were the
work of Freemasonry does not  need  proof,  since
the  Masons themselves boast of it.9 Accordingly,
the Declaration of the Rights of Man is a Masonic
production.   “When   the  Bastille  fell”,  said
Bonnet, the orator at the Grand  Orient  Assembly
in  1904,  “Freemasonry had the supreme honour of
giving  to  humanity  the  chart  which  it   had
lovingly  elaborated.  It  was our Brother, de la
Fayette, who first presented the  ‘project  of  a
declaration  of the natural rights of the man and
the citizen living in society,’ to be  the  first
chapter  of the Constitution. On August 25, 1789,
the Constituent Assembly, of which more than  300
members  were  Masons, definitely adopted, almost
word for word, in the form determined upon in the
Lodges,  the  text of the immortal Declaration of
the Rights  of  Man.”  Given  the  naturalism  of
Freemasonry,  the  Declaration, then, is simply a
formal renunciation of allegiance to  Christ  the
King,  of Supernatural Life, and of membership of
His  Mystical  Body.  The  French  State  thereby
officially    declared    that   it   no   longer
acknowledged any duty to  God  through  Our  Lord
Jesus Christ and no longer recognised the dignity
of membership of Christ in its citizens. It  thus
inaugurated  the  attack  on  the organisation of
society under Christ the King which has continued
down to the present day.

That  was  only the first step. “The subservience
of Freemasonry with regard to the  Jews”,  writes
l’abbé   Joseph   Lémann,  “soon  showed  itself.
How?... When the question of Jewish  emancipation
came  to  be examined by the Constituent Assembly
(1789-1791),   the   deputies   who   took   upon
themselves  the task of getting it voted were all
Freemasons. Mirabeau gave it the persevering help
of his eloquence, and Mirabeau was a Freemason of
the higher degrees, intimate with  Weishaupt  and
his  associates,  and  closely linked up with the
Jews of Berlin. When, after having hesitated  for
two years, the Constituent Assembly in its second
last meeting, was  still  hesitating,  it  was  a
Freemason  and  Jacobin,  A. Duport, who demanded
the vote  with  threats...  Such  was  the  first
secret    service    rendered   to   Judaism   by
Freemasonry.   After   that   one   others   will
follow.”10  By  the  Revolution of 1789 then, the
French State not only decreed  the  ostracism  of
the  True  Supernatural Messiah and His Programme
but admitted to full citizenship the  members  of
the  Jewish  nation,  thus  allowing them to work
freely for the  anti-Supernatural  domination  of
their  nation. Modern history since 1789 is, to a
large extent, the account of  the  domination  of
State   after   State  by  the  anti-Supernatural
supranationalism of Freemasonry, behind which has
been  steadily  emerging  the still more strongly
organised anti-Supernatural  supranationalism  of
the    Jewish    nation.    That   is   why   the
post-Revolutionary  epoch   has   witnessed,   in
country  after  country,  persistent attacks upon
the Programme of Christ the King.

After every successful Masonic Revolution,  since
the  first  in  1789,  down  to and including the
Spanish Revolution in 1931, the world soon  began
to  hear  of the country’s entering upon the path
of   “progress”   by    the    introduction    of
“enlightened”  reforms, such as the separation of
Church and State (or the putting of all religions
on  the same level), the legalisation of divorce,
the   secularisation   of   the   schools,    the
suppression  and  banishment  of religious orders
and   congregations,   the    glorification    of
Freemasonry,  the nationalisation of property and
the  unrestrained  licence  of  the  Press.   The
process  of  elimination  of the union of nations
through the Mystical  Body  of  Christ,  and  the
substitution   therefore   of   the  naturalistic
domination of the Jewish nation seems to  be  now
on the verge of triumph.

Back  in 1922, the Assembly of the Grand Lodge of
France insisted  that  amongst  the  tasks  lying
ahead  was  “the creation of a European spirit...
the formation of the United States of Europe,  or
rather the Federation of the World.” On this side
of the Iron Curtain and in the U.S.A. nations are
being   invited   to   give   up  their  national
sovereignty to enter a Federation in which  those
who  control  World-Masonry would certainly yield
enormous power and in which the Authentic Teacher
of  the  Moral Law would not be listened to.11 On
the far side of the  Iron  Curtain,  we  see  the
continuation of what was stated by Mr. Oudendyke,
the  Dutch  Minister  at  St.   Petersburg,   and
published  in  the  British White Paper of April,
1919. “Unless Bolshevism is  nipped  in  the  bud
immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or
another all over Europe and the whole  world,  as
it  is  organised  and worked by Jews who have no
nationality and whose one object  is  to  destroy
for   their   own  ends  the  existing  order  of
things.”12 In G. K.’s Weekly, February  4,  1937,
Mr. Hilaire Belloc wrote: “As for anyone who does
not   know   that   the   present   revolutionary
Bolshevist  movement  in  Russia is Jewish, I can
only say that he must be a man who is taken in by
the suppressions of our deplorable Press.” Anyone
who carefully studies the rulers of Russia and of
the  satellite  States  Poland  and  Hungary  for
example, at the present day, will have  the  same
conclusion forced upon him.13

The   opposition   of   all   the   branches   of
Freemasonry, French, Italian, Anglo-Saxon,  etc.,
to   the   Catholic   Church   is  essential  and
ineradicable,  for  it  is  the   opposition   of
naturalism   to  the  Supernatural  Life  of  the
Mystical Body of Christ and to  the  organisation
of  society based on the infinite dignity of that
Life. In other words, it  is  the  opposition  of
Anti-Christ  to Christ. It will be well to stress
this great truth, because of the  statements  one
sometimes   hears   that   English  and  American
Freemasonry is quite different  from  Continental
Freemasonry.  In  the  Encyclical Letter, Humanum
Genus, Pope Leo XIII condemns the  Naturalism  of
Freemasonry  and  not  only  makes no distinction
between the different  branches  of  Freemasonry,
but  teaches  that  no  such distinction is to be
made. He alludes to the controversy about God, or
rather  about  the  ancient landmark of the Great
Architect of the  Universe,  between  Anglo-Saxon
Freemasonry and the French Grand Orient, but says
that the fact that  there  has  recently  been  a
controversy about such a fundamental truth of the
natural order as the existence of  God  is  clear
proof  of  the inevitably corrupting influence of
Masonic Naturalism or  Anti-Supernaturalism.  The
Pope   does  not  exempt  from  condemnation  the
sections of Freemasonry that retain  the  ancient
landmark.  No, the condemnation of Freemasonry in
the  Encyclical   is   universal,   without   any
attenuation   in   favour   of   what  is  called
Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry.14 The text of  Pope  Leo
XIII with regard to God runs as follows:

“Although  as  a rule they (the Freemasons) admit
the existence  of  God,  they  themselves  openly
confess  that  they  do  not all firmly assent to
this  truth   and   hold   it   with   unwavering
conviction.  For  they do not attempt to hide the
fact that this  question  of  God  is  the  chief
source and cause of discord amongst them: nay, it
is well known  that  recently  it  has  been  the
subject of a serious disagreement in their ranks.
As a matter of fact, however,  they  allow  their
members  the  greatest  licence  on the point, so
that they are at liberty to hold that God  exists
or  that  God  does  not  exist,  and  those  who
obstinately affirm  that  there  is  no  God  are
admitted  just  as  readily  as  those who, while
asserting that there is a God, nevertheless  have
wrong  ideas about Him, like the pantheists. This
is purely and simply the suppression of the truth
about   God   while   holding  on  to  an  absurd
caricature  of  the  Divine  Nature.”15   It   is
regrettable that the Encyclical on Freemasonry is
omitted from the collection  of  the  Letters  of
Pope  Leo XIII, published by the Bruce Publishing
Company, Milwaukee,  and  that  the  Rev.  Editor
seems  to  write,  in  the  note on p. 272, as if
there  were  an  essential   difference   between
Freemasonry  in  English-speaking  countries  and
elsewhere. At least, his  words  may  leave  some
readers  under that impression. Naturalism is the
fundamental error of Masonry and is common to all
section  of  the Craft. Corruption of the idea of
God has inevitably followed on the  rejection  of
the one way instituted for return to God, namely,
membership of the Mystical Body  of  Christ.  The
French  Grand Orient has betrayed the presence of
this corruption and degradation  with  regard  to
God  more  openly  than  Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry.
That is the whole significance of the controversy
about  the deletion by the French Grand Orient of
the  expression,  The  Great  Architect  of   the

The  retention  by  the  Grand  Lodge of England,
then,  of  the  article  relating  to  the  Great
Architect  of  the Universe does not signify that
English Masonry is Christian, for English Masonry
does  not  accept  the  supremacy of the Mystical
Body of Christ. On the contrary, English  Masonry
is  anti-supernatural and anti-Christian like the
other sections of the Masonic Brotherhood, for it
puts  Mahomet  and  Buddha  on  the same level as
Christ, thus denying Christ’s  role  as  the  one
Mediator.16  Neither  does this article mean that
English   Masonry   professes   belief    in    a
transcendent  God  as  we  know  Him,  for  it is
compatible with acceptance of pantheism, that is,
with  the  identification  of God with man.17 The
retention of the vague term, “Great Architect  of
the  Universe”,  enables  English  Freemasonry to
pose as religious, while continuing its  work  of
sapping  the belief of Englishmen in the Divinity
of Our Lord Jesus Christ and in  the  reality  of
that Supernatural Life of Grace coming to us from
Him, by which we are true men as we ought to  be.
Ample proofs of the relations between Anglo-Saxon
Freemasonry and Latin (Grand Orient)  Freemasonry
are  to  be  found in La Dictature des Puissances
occultes, by Count de Poncins18. He  points  out,
for example, that “if we open the English Masonic
Calendar for 1930, we find the  Grand  Lodge  has
official relations with Portugal, Spain, with the
remnant of Italian Freemasonry,  and  with  Latin
America.”  In addition to the evidence adduced by
Count de Poncins, we know that the English  Grand
Lodge maintains friendly relations with the Swiss
Grand Lodge, “Alpina”, which recognises not  only
the  Grand  Lodge of France but the Grand Orients
of France,  Spain  and  Greece.19  Thus  “between
Anglo-Saxon  Freemasonry  and  Latin  Freemasonry
there are indirect but effective relations  which
are far closer than is admitted.”20

When  once  the disorder of Masonic Naturalism or
anti-Supernaturalism is grasped,  we  can  easily
understand  its  varying  modes of procedure with
regard to governments.  “With  tongue  and  pen”,
declares the Freemason Pike (The Inner Sanctuary,
IV,  547),  “with  all  our   open   and   secret
influences,  with the purse and, if need be, with
the sword, we will advance  the  cause  of  human
progress and labour to enfranchise human thought,
to give freedom to the  human  conscience  (above
all  from  Papal usurpations) and equal rights to
the  people   everywhere.”   The   formation   in
“tolerance”  given  in the Lodges aims not merely
at  that  negative  mental   state   which   puts
religious  truth  and  error  on  the same level,
treating them both with indifference; it aims  at
the  production  of  a positive hatred of what it
calls the “intolerance” of the  Catholic  Church,
namely  the  Catholic  Church’s insistence on the
Divine Plan for order. The formation  in  Masonic
“tolerance”,  then,  is  really  a  formation  in
hatred  of  the  firmness  and  strength  of  the
Catholic Church, in standing for the Supernatural
Life and order of the world. This is the ultimate
reason  why  Anglo-Saxon  Masonry,  ostensibly so
conservative, has constantly  favoured  movements
towards  the  Left,  opposed to the true order of
the world.

The  effect   of   the   ambiguous   naturalistic
formation  of  Masonry  in  regard  to the State,
accompanied  as  it  is   by   denunciations   of
“tyranny”  and “usurpation”, corresponding to the
denunciations of “superstition” and “intolerance”
in regard to religion, will be to favour the same
tendency to the Left. States will be assailed  as
“tyrannies”  in proportion to the extent in which
they accept Our Lord’s Programme  for  order.  In
Catholic  countries  violent  revolution  will be
always aimed at  in  order  to  get  rid  of  the
existing  social  structure in which the Kingship
of  Christ  is  respected.  As,  owing  to  their
rejection  of Our Lord’s Programme for order, the
advent of Naturalism in Protestant  countries  is
only  a question of time, the terms “tyranny” and
“despotism” may not be applied to them by Masonry
as  freely  as  they  were  to  the realms of the
Bourbons and the Hapsburgs.  But  the  Protestant
countries   will   not   be  spared,  for  behind
Freemasonry is  the  more  cohesive  naturalistic
Force of the Jewish nation with its Messianic aim
of domination over all nations. Any  vestiges  of
the rule of the True Supernatural Messiah must be
swept away. A highly-placed personage, whose name
he  does  not  reveal,  said to the distinguished
historian, Cardinal Pitra, at  Vienna,  in  1889:
“The  Catholic  nations  must  be  crushed by the
Protestant nations. When  this  result  has  been
attained,  a  breath  will be sufficient to bring
about  the   disappearance   of   Protestantism.”
Freemasons  in  England and the U.S.A. will yield
to pressure from leaders of  the  Jewish  nation,
even when the interests of England and the U.S.A.
obviously suffer. The Brooklyn  Tablet,  May  14,
1949, quoted the frank statements of the American
Senate of Senator  Owen  Brewster,  of  Maine,  a
non-Catholic.  Speaking  of  the attitude towards
Spain, the Senator said: “Spain is not recognised
because Spain is a Catholic country... The subtle
word is constantly passed that the alternative to
Communism  is  Catholicism.  We  know the word is
constantly  uttered  in  the  lobbies,   although
Senators  do  not  care  to  bring  it out on the

There is not space to treat of the  Masonic  plan
that  is  being  pursued  in  Ireland. Six Ulster
counties have been detached from the rest of  the
country   and   erected   into  a  State  with  a
government  in   which   Masonic   influence   is
predominant (the Orange Society, it must be borne
in   mind,   is   a   sub-masonry   trained   for
anti-Catholic  action).21  All  the  counties  of
Ulster were not included in the  State  lest  the
Catholics  should  have a majority in Parliament.
The Catholic Irish justly resent the partition of
their  country.  Pressure will be brought to bear
upon  them   to   placate   the   Freemasons   by
compromising  still  further  to the Programme of
Christ the King  and  abandoning  the  unity  and
indissolubility  of  marriage.22  Those  who  are
alert know that Senator H. Lehman’s  interest  in
undoing  the  partition of Ireland is ominous. He
is described in Commonsense of November 15, 1949,
as  “a banker-Zionist long friendly to Moscow.”23
If Mgr. Dillon were alive today he would tell the
Catholic Irish “to remember all their obligations
to Our Divine Lord  Jesus  Christ  who  sustained
their  fathers through centuries of trial”,24 and
to  placate  Him   first,   not   the   Zionists,
Communists  and the Freemasons. On account of the
confusion of  mind  prevalent  amongst  Catholics
concerning  the  question of Anti-Semitism, a few
words must be said  about  it  before  concluding
this Preface.

In the excellent review of my books, The Kingship
of  Christ  and   Organised   Naturalism,   which
appeared  in  the  Jesuit  magazine,  La  Civilta
Cattolica (Rome), in March,  1947,  the  reviewer
laid  special  stress  on the distinction which I
have been making in all my  books.  He  wrote  as
follows: “The author wants a clear distinction to
be made between  hatred  of  the  Jewish  nation,
which  is Anti-Semitism, and opposition to Jewish
and Masonic Naturalism. This  opposition  on  the
part  of  Catholics  must  be  mainly positive by
acknowledging,   not   only   individually    but
socially, the Rights of the Supernatural Kingship
of  Christ  and  His  Church,  and  by   striving
politically  to  get these Rights acknowledged by
States and in public life. For this indispensable
undertaking...  the active and effective union of
Catholics... is absolutely necessary.” Space does
not   allow  of  lengthy  quotations  from  Papal
documents to show that,  on  the  one  hand,  the
Sovereign  Pontiffs  insist  that  Catholics must
stand unflinchingly for the  Integral  Rights  of
Christ  the  King,  as  contained  in  the  Papal
Encyclicals, while, on the  other  hand,  keeping
their  minds  and  hearts free from hatred of Our
Lord’s own nation according to the flesh. On  the
one  hand,  they  must  battle  for the Rights of
Christ the King and the Supernatural Organisation
of  Society, as laid down in the Encyclical, Quas
Primas,  unequivocally   proclaiming   that   the
rejection  of  Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ, the True
Messiah, by His own nation,  and  the  unyielding
opposition   of   that   nation  to  Him,  are  a
fundamental source of disorder  and  conflict  in
the  world.  On the other hand, as members of Our
Lord Jesus Christ, Catholics should neither  hate
the  members  of the nation in which, through our
Blessed Mother, the Lily of  Israel,  the  Second
Person  of  the  Blessed  Trinity  assumed  human
nature, nor deny them their legitimate rights  as
persons.  The  supernatural elevation of mind and
heart and  the  unshrinking  fortitude  that  are
required from members of Christ in our day can be
maintained only with the aid of Him who wept over
Jerusalem’s   rejection   of   order.   It   will
inevitably mean suffering for  Christ’s  faithful
members  as  the  power  of the anti-supernatural
Forces in the world increases. Even in the  midst
of  their  suffering,  however,  Christ’s members
must bear in mind that there will be  a  glorious
triumph  for  Christ  the  King when, as St. Paul
tells us  in  his  Epistle  to  the  Romans  (XI,
11-33),  there  will  be  a sincere return on the
part of the Jewish nation to the Mystical Body of
the True Messiah.25

Two  reasons can be assigned to the fact that Our
Lord’s faithful members will often be betrayed by
those  who  should  be  on the side of Christ the
King. Firstly, many  Catholic  writers  speak  of
Papal   condemnations  of  Anti-Semitism  without
explaining the meaning of  the  term,  and  never
even  allude to the documents which insist on the
Rights of Our Divine Lord, Head of  the  Mystical
Body,  Priest  and  King.  Thus,  very  many  are
completely ignorant of the duty incumbent on  all
Catholics  of  standing positively for Our Lord’s
Reign  in  society  in   opposition   to   Jewish
Naturalism.   The   result  is  that  numbers  of
Catholics are so ignorant  of  Catholic  doctrine
that  they  hurl  the accusation of Anti-Semitism
against those who are battling for the Rights  of
Christ  the  King,  thus  effectively  aiding the
enemies  of  Our  Divine  Lord.  Secondly,   many
Catholic  writers  copy unquestioningly what they
read in  the  naturalistic  or  and  Supernatural
Press    and    do    not   distinguish   between
Anti-Semitism in the correct Catholic  sense,  as
explained above, and “Anti-Semitism”, as the Jews
understand it. For the Jews,  “Anti-Semitism”  is
anything   that   is   in   opposition   to   the
naturalistic Messianic domination of their nation
over all the others. Quite logically, the leaders
of the Jewish nation hold that to stand  for  the
Rights    of   Christ   the   King   is   to   be
“Anti-Semitic.”26 The term “Anti-Semitism”,  with
all  its  smear  connections  in the minds of the
unthinking, is being extended to include any form
of opposition to the Jewish nation’s naturalistic
aims and any exposure of the methods  they  adopt
to  achieve  these  aims.  “In our time more than
ever before”, said the  saintly  Pius  X  at  the
Beatification  of  Joan  of  Arc (Dec. 13, 1908),
“the greatest asset of the evil-disposed  is  the
cowardice  and  weakness of good men, and all the
vigour of Satan’s reign is due to  the  easygoing
weakness  of  Catholics.  Oh  if  I might ask the
Divine Redeemer, as the Prophet  Zachary  did  in
spirit: What are those wounds in the midst of Thy
hands? the answer would  not  be  doubtful.  With
these  I  was  wounded  in the house of them that
loved me. I was wounded by my  friends,  who  did
nothing to defend me, and who, on every occasion,
made   themselves   the   accomplices    of    my
adversaries. And this reproach can be levelled at
the weak and timid Catholics of all countries.”

DENIS FAHEY, C.S.Sp. Feast of the Sacred Heart of
Jesus. June 16, 1950.

Freemasonry must die, or liberty must die." -- Charles G. Finney


"Those who sin are slaves, and slaves have no rights." -- Jesus Christ, John 8:34

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